It may seem peculiar to create a bench in a world where thousands of already existing benches compete to find buyers. But is it not just as peculiar that, compared to chairs, one can hardly find a bench with a rounded back and a comfortable seat angle, which are in fact key factors when it comes to comfortable sitting?

As our experience of living with all kinds of objects grows over the years, we appreciate to choose the espresso cup from which we drink our first coffee in the morning and which kind of cotton t-shirt we like to feel on our skin. We can say with confidence that we understand the complexity of the quality and details to consider when it comes to designing and manufacturing a polished object.

arvo reveals that even everyday objects that have existed for thousands of years can still be improved. The idea for arvo was born in a second a decade ago, followed by years of development and improvements, always driven by the wish to achieve an optimum of function and form.

The charming design of arvo invites you to sit down – its steam-curbed massive wood will warmly embrace your back and shoulders. The touch of the naturally oiled surface is a soft dream, and the solid feet made of stainless steel provide the bench with stability and durability. With its intimate character, arvo is ideal for singles as well as couples.

Some parts of arvo are produced in small companies near Bayreuth (Germany) and Verona (Italy). The carpentry work and assembly is handmade in Switzerland.

arvo is available in extremely limited series. Check for currently available benches here.

arvo is protected by intellectual property laws.